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descriptionWhat is the minimum grant size for one project?

descriptionWhat is the maximum grant size for one project?

descriptionWhat is the maximum of aid intensity of funding (grant) for one project?

descriptionIs it possible to increase the aid intensity for a research organisation up to 100 ⁠% ?

descriptionThe maximum aid intensity for a project will not exceed the 96%, but at the same time that a research organisation can get the aid intensity up to 100%. Can really a research organisation receive 100%?

descriptionAre scholarships eligible costs?

descriptionWhich costs are NOT eligible?

descriptionSince what date are the costs eligible?

descriptionFrom which sources can an enterprise co-finance the project?

descriptionWhat are the methods of indirect costs reporting?

descriptionWhere can I find which costs are eligible?

descriptionDoes an enterprise younger than 18 months have to submit a special document in particular and where?

descriptionAre the investment costs eligible?

descriptionIs it possible to comment the individual budget items in ISTA? Or is it possible to comment on the budget in the attachment to a project proposal?

descriptionShould the costs of project management be paid from indirect costs or from subcontracting costs?

descriptionWhat options of co-financing the project do a research organisation have? Can the missing resources on the research organisation side be co-financed by a project partner who is an enterprise?

descriptionWhat are other resources?

descriptionDo I understand it correctly that according to the Open Call, we are obliged to delimitate ourselves with respect to other projects proposals, if they were submitted? Even though we do not have to know about them in principle?

descriptionIs the applicant or project partner of a newly established enterprise with documented guarantees in the form of written assurances or affidavits a worse factor for the evaluators?

descriptionWhat does it mean to fulfill the conditions of an effective cooperation according to the EU Regulation 651/2014? If the enterprise fulfill this condition in the project proposal, will its maximum aid intensity be increased by 15%?

descriptionHow can I determine the aid intensity for example for a middle enterprise?

descriptionCan a research organisation have the aid intensity of 100%? Under what conditions?

descriptionCan the co-financing be in form of in-kind?

descriptionWhat does exactly mean the condition for co-financing “ at least the applicant or one of the project partners shall have a minimum share of 20 % of the total eligible project costs and its aid intensity shall not exceed 80 % “?

descriptionWhat sources can be as co-financing?

descriptionHow much of the project budget should be allocated to a Donor/Norwegian partner?

descriptionWhich rates should we use for budgeting personnel costs on the Norwegian side?

descriptionNorwegian partner: What is State-Aid and does it relate to my application?

descriptionNorwegian partner: Our project needs to pay for the use of equipment at our institution – is that an eligible cost and which category does it fit into?