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descriptionImportant dates and deadlines?

descriptionWho is eligible applicant and project partner in 1st Call for Proposals of the KAPPA Programme?

descriptionCan the project be submitted by only one applicant?

descriptionIs it necessary to have the Partnership Agreement signed at the time of the project proposal submission to the Call for Proposal?

descriptionDoes any template for Partnership Agreement exist?

descriptionTwo faculties from one University will participate in the project. ISTA does not allow to add faculties as two applicants/project partners under one ID. Can the University act as the main applicant and the project partner at the same time?

descriptionAre there any mandatory attachments to the project proposal?

descriptionIs it possible to use also an optional attachment and if so, in which cases?

descriptionIs there any restriction for choosing the CEP or FORD fields?

descriptionIs there any restriction for selection of the National Priorities of Oriented Research, Experimental Development and Innovation (RDI Priorities)?

descriptionEach project proposal has to include at least one result from the list defined for the KAPPA Programme. What is the difference between “Main outputs/results” and “Other results”?

descriptionWhat results/outputs belong to the “O” type - miscellaneous?

descriptionWhat are the binding parameters of a project solution?

descriptionHow can a project partner, who is not from Czechia, send a proof of eligibility?

descriptionWhat does it mean that "one of the project partners shall have a minimum share of 20 % of the total eligible project costs"?

descriptionWe are only two universities/research organisations – can we do the project alone?

descriptionIs the call open to non-technological and non-commercial oriented projects?

descriptionWho is who in a KAPPA project?

descriptionWho will send the application and where?

descriptionWhich parts of the application form should partners from Donor States fill out?

descriptionWho is authorized to sign the Sworn Statement?

descriptionWhen can projects start and finish?

descriptionCan we include funding for a PhD or postdoc on the Norwegian side of the project?

descriptionCan I participate in more than one application?

descriptionIs there a template for the project description?

descriptionWhich parts of project proposal shall be in Czech language?

descriptionIs it mandatory that the Sworn statement of project partners outside of Czechia has to be electronically signed? What type of certification must the electronic signature have?