For project partner(s) from outside Czechia: Which documents do we need to submit before signing the Project Contract, and how to do it?

There are 4 types of documents that need to be submitted by all Project Partners before the signing of the Project Contract between the Project Promoter and TACR can take place. See further down for a detailed description:

a) Request for the Extract from the Czech Criminal Record (one signed form per project partner institution/entity);

b) Evidence of the ownership structure (applies to some project partners - if this was requested in the Decision on the Result of the Call for Proposals);

c) Partnership Agreement (signed by each partner, one per project);

d) Project Partners' Expression of Acceptance of the Contract (for each project, signed by each partner).


All documents listed above  have to be signed by the Statutory/Legal Representative(s). 

Who is the Statutory Representative? 

The Statutory Representative is the person who is the legal representative of an institution or enterprise. This person is listed as the Legal Representative in the relevant national/commercial register*. The documents can be signed by a person who has the necessary authorisation given by a power of attorney or internal legal methodology document to act as a Statutory Representative on behalf of the organisation/enterprise. In the case of power of attorney or other authorisation, please submit it together with the documents.

If you already identified a Statutory Representative while submitting the application, then this will most likely be the same person as the one who signed the “Sworn Statement” submitted with the application (project proposal). 


(e.g. the statutory representative of a university is usually the rector, the CEO in case of other companies or institutions, and the owner in case of a sole proprietorship)


Before submitting the documents, if you are not sure who the Statutory Representative is, you can contact:

- Aleksandra W. Haugstad (Research Council of Norway) for the Norwegian project partner;

- Egill Thor Níelsson (RANNÍS - The Icelandic Centre for Research) for the Icelandic project partner.

* for project partners in Norway


How to submit the documents?

- Fill in each form,

- Collect the signature of Statutory Representative (see above),

- Send the scanned version of the signed form to the email address by the end of November 2020.

- Finally, without undue delay, send the signed paper original of the form by post (recommended mail is not necessary).


- Norwegian project partners should send the originals to:

Research Council of Norway:  Attn: Aleksandra W. Haugstad, Research Council of Norway, P.O. Box 564, NO-1327 Lysaker, Norway

- Project partners from Iceland or third countries should send originals to:

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic: Evropská 1692/37, 160 00 Prague 6, Czechia


a) Request for the Extract from the Czech Criminal Record:

A Request for the Extracts from the Czech Criminal Record shall be submitted by each project partner entity for their Statutory Representative. This includes partners in Norway, Iceland and other countries outside Czechia. TA CR needs this form in order to run a check in the Czech Criminal Registry. 


- only one document is needed for each institution/entity, so if one organisation takes part in several KAPPA-projects, there is no need for multiple copies of the Statutory Representative’s signature.

- Norwegian, Icelandic or nationals from third countries do not fill in the Personal identification number.

- If several persons act jointly as a statutory body, the Request for the Extract has to be submitted for each person.


The form „Request for the Extract from the Criminal Record – natural person“ can be found on the TA CR's website (link).


b) Evidence of ownership structure

The form “Evidence of the Ownership Structure” shall be submittedS if a project partner was requested to do so in the Decision on the Result of the Call for Proposals.


The form “Evidence of ownership structure” can be found on the TA CR's website (link).


Recommendation: Send the documents a) and b) together in one email and in one envelope.


c) Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement shall be signed by Statutory Representativeand sent to the Project Promoter before the Project Contract will be signed. Then, the  Project Promoter will send the final Partnership Agreement to TA CR.


d) Project Partners' expression of acceptance of the Contract

Once the Project Contract between TA CR and Project Promoter is concluded, each Project Partner shall express the consent to the Project Contract. 

- fill out the form “Project Partner's Acceptance of the Project Contract”

- the Statutory Representative shall sign three original forms (per project)

- send them in 3 originals to the Project Promoter in good time as the Project Promoter has to send the acceptance documents to TA CR within 45 calendar days of signing the Project Contract.


The form “Project Partner's Acceptance of the Project Contract” can be found on the TA CR's website (link). 


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