Which documents have to be submitted by the Project Promoter and Czech project partners before signing the Project Contract?

- Extract from the Criminal Record:

- fill in the form „Request for the Extract from the Criminal Record – natural person,“ which can be found on the TA CR's website (link), and send it via a data box,


- submit the original of the Extract from the Czech Criminal Record in paper form/in person to the TA CR Office Mailroom or the electronic version with the conversion verification clause. The Extract from the Czech Criminal Record cannot be older than 90 days.


The extracts/requests for the extract from the Criminal Record have to be submitted by all beneficiaries (Project Promoter and all project partners) for the entities that act as their statutory bodies or are members of those bodies. In cases where more persons act jointly as a statutory body, the Request for the Extract has to be submitted for all members of those bodies.


- Signed Partnership Agreement concluded with all project partners according to the Decision on the Results of the Call for Proposals.


- Other documents stated in the Decision on the Result of the Call for Proposals, if any.


Documents shall be submitted by the end of November 2020 in order to allow the Project Contract to be signed. 

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